SecureCaps vs. LoJack For Your Harley

SecureCaps vs. LoJack For Your Harley

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Sobering Thoughts

With motorcycle thefts showing a steady increase since 2014, it makes perfect sense for the every rider to seek out the best protection they can afford. Despite all the various security companies out there making claims to the contrary, if someone truly wants your bike bad enough, there is virtually nothing you can do to stop them, short of an ugly physical confrontation. Elaborate locking devices and LoJacks are essentially useless, particularly when a well organized gang of thieves can load your unattended motorcycle on a trailer or in a van in less than a minute, and way before the police have time to respond to any anti-theft tracking signal.

The Verdict on LoJack

The first version of LoJack debuted back in the 1980’s, and is now so familiar in our culture that the name is used to identify all anti-theft tracking devices. Initially, they were a fairly affordable option on selected models of cars, but have now evolved into pricey additions that basically amount to just another vehicle alarm system. Insurance companies used to promote LoJack, but seldom do these days, as the cost to have them installed on most cars and motorcycles exceeds whatever savings you might get as a result on your policy. The bottom line is a LoJack cannot protect a car or bike from being stolen or vandalized, it can only alert the police that an incident is in progress. This is one of the reasons motorcycle manufacturers like Harley Davidson no longer install LoJacks on their new bikes.

SecureCaps For Your Harley

In addtion to all it’s shortcomings as an anti-theft device, LoJack can do absolutely nothing for you if someone is intent on tampering with the engine of your prized Harley – specifically, adding something foul to the oil tank. Even though most motorcycles have had locking gas caps for years, it is odd that very few, including Harley, have never offered a locking oil tank cap as original equipment. This is where SecureCaps has you covered, with locking caps to fit most models of Harley Davidson bikes. Built in to all versions of the caps are super efficient seals that out perform the factory originals, and keep oil spray-outs to a minimum. Other features include a rotating lid and a multi-combination, recessed locking mechanism for added protection. They come complete and ready to install on most Harley models, right out of the box. All this peace of mind for around $99.00, and just like Harley, from a company based in the USA!

Locking it Down

One of the sad facts of reality these days is that you just can’t leave anything of value unattended anywhere, without resorting to extraordinary measures to protect it. Admittedly, while having a SecureCaps on your Harley won’t prevent it from being stolen, it will, however, almost guarantee that nobody will mess with the purity of your engine oil tank, as opposed to LoJack, which in this regard is practically worthless. Since all it takes is a small amount of some foreign substance to completely destroy an engine, having a locking oil tank cap is no trifling matter. Rest assured, your Harley will keep thumping along for many more trouble-free miles, with the added protection of SecureCaps!

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