SecureCaps Provide Proactive Protection

SecureCaps Provide Proactive Protection

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Your Insurance Doesn’t Give as Much Protection as You Think


In every nook of the motorcycling world, riders often question the need to make their bikes more secure.
In Harley Davidson forums, at Hog meetings and during club rides, we run into discussions about whether aftermarket anti-theft devices are really worth shelling out money for.

Many riders doubt that any accessory can deter thieves and saboteurs. Besides, they reason, insurance is the only
protection they really need if the bike is damaged or stolen. There are many holes in this logic, but the most concerning is that it is a reactive solution rather than a proactive approach to protecting the bike that you love. Affordable accessories like SecureCaps are actually better at protecting your investment because they deter damages from happening.

The Expensive Cost of Relying on Insurance

As a rider, quality insurance is necessary to financially protect you during an accident. However, even the best policies come with a deductible that you must fulfill upfront before the agent pays out benefits. In many cases, this amount is more than you would have paid for the security protections, especially for affordable devices like locking oil caps that prevent dangerous substances from cycling through the engine.

Additionally, insurance only kicks in after the damage is done, which means you are off the road for weeks as the red tape is sorted out to repair or replace the bike that you have shared so many miles with. The goal of anti-theft devices is to ward off any would-be robbers from messing with your bike in the first place.

You will also pay more on monthly insurance premiums to customize your policy with coverage for theft and destruction. Standard policies are only generally equipped with bodily injury and property damage liability, which covers damage to the bike, provides compensation to injured parties and compensates legal fees. You pay extra for each add-on protection, which can include bike replacement, weather-related repairs, medical care or equipment upgrades. This means you must make an important decision between balancing the potential risks with what you can afford to protect.

Finally, since insurance premiums often go up with each claim, you only want to file when the compensation benefits far outweigh the damage amount. Paying a $500 deductible doesn’t sound so bad on an engine rebuild bill of $4,000. However, shelling out the $500 for a smaller $600 repair is a bit harder to swallow. Plus, if the damage is less than your deductible, then you are responsible for covering the entire bill. Additionally, the compensation that you receive will not exceed the policy cap, so if your Harley is protected up to $10,000 for non-motorist damage, that is most you will receive even if the repairs or replacements cost $12,000.

Be Proactive with Your Protection

Relying on insurance to keep your bike fully protected can be a costly mistake that we have seen too many Harley owners encounter.
If you ride a Softail, FLH or Dyna Harley, then a SecureCaps smart locking dipstick can deter vandalism, prevent oil seepage and handle all the torque for just under $100. Contact SecureCaps at (949) 441-0438 to custom order a sleek, chrome-plated oil cap lock that offers engine protection at an affordable price.

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