SecureCaps Performance Briefing

SecureCaps Performance Briefing

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You know after all the years of riding and playing hard we still gravitate to riding our harleys to clear our minds or
to just be who we are. After the day is done theirs nothing like getting on your Harley that you have customed to your
personal likings and get on the road and ride period. Then one day we start thinking we need just a little bit more torque,
horsepower and our minds start turning on all the motorcycle parts upgrades we want to do. Before you know it were thinking cam upgrade,
two into one, ported heads, throttle body and the list goes on and on. Well we want to try and save you some time or money and being able
when the job is done to look back and know you purchase the right motorcycle parts the first time and not the second or third time.

Lets take just a basic 96 or harleys standard 103 and get some really cool performance, power and reliability out of it when were done.
Lets look at how much power is enough to be happy with everytime you get onto your bike number one. Second is the gas mileage and how much you are
willing to give up for the upgrade your wanting. Thirdly whats your budget? Screamin Eagle parts, S&S parts or standard harley parts needs to be
addressed as well. Lets say you have 3 grand to put into your bike and you want power and reliability and your willing to give up 10 miles to the gallon with a
top end build.

Cylinders, heads ported correctly for your application and polished, two into one, pistons, tappets, cam, cam plate, oil pump,
your dyno numbers on this before and after will blow your mind. Keep in thought your starting with a stock 96 or 103. It will literally
feel like its a new bike when your done and it will be really fun to ride all the time. Going from 75 horse to 120 is a huge difference
it will come alive the way you want it to believe me, especially when it breaks in. Imagine 117 cyclinders with a really nice size throttle
body change out with a great fuel management system, ported heads, your going to smoke most bikes on the road especially if the head work
was done correctly and aggressively but yet for total reliability. In our opinion here at SecureCaps we believe in paying now than later,
so it comes down to the quality of motorcycle parts your using and workmanship on the heads with fuel management knowledge.
If your wanting performance you can get serious performance for the 3 grand your willing to part with believe me.

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