SecureCaps Motorcycle & Hot Rod Accessories Brings Quality & Awareness

SecureCaps Motorcycle & Hot Rod Accessories Brings Quality & Awareness

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From machine learning (AI) artificial intelligence capacities to human reasoning where do we draw the line is what we asked SecureCaps  in the city of Orange, Calif.

No doubt things are changing in the (AI) field and mind set of government and corporate management.  We are really in a race to harness or manage the power of directing technology along with a society that can benefit from the future that is now becoming a reality of today.  As we travel along this (AI) path it’s now going to challenge the way we do things but also on how we look at or perceive things. 

Here at SecureCaps we do everything in house now except for our plating or finishes of the products we design literally. Whether it be Cad, 3d printing, molds, marketing, retail consulting, to complete  product design management we now use much technology to keep things in house. Our SecureCaps Motorcycle Accessories and Hot Rod Accessories, our Harley-Davidson Engine Protection Device are either Billet, Steel, or Composites  with either Powder Coat, Polished Aluminum or Chrome finishes. 

For us to be able to control the amount of hard work it takes to take a 50 lb. block of billet aluminum and put it in our machines or spend the time on engineering composites and turn out our product for a retail part is a lot of work from start to finish. Tons of man hours let alone Cad hours along with prototyping to real application testings etc.  Lab results, MSDS charts, Spec sheets the list goes on. So it really comes down to whether or not your going to stay where you are or your going to learn to be flexible and move forward, and as you know with just about anything if your not going forward eventually you will be challenged to keep what you have. 

Just our 3d printing team here at SecureCaps alone is ever changing as technology, industry standards and customers are constantly pushing the envelope. So no doubt challenges are on the horizon for small businesses like us as well as big companies or main stream corporate as we all are trying to figure out how to cut cost but bring quality parts or service to the market but for us here at SecureCaps its all about get busy.



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