Oil Is Oil At The End Of The Day Right?

Oil Is Oil At The End Of The Day Right?

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Mobil 1, Torqo, Bell Ray, Red Line, Amsoil, Syn 3, The List Goes On.

Back during WW2, our government put some thought in getting our country thru and to the end of the war and so they put some chemical engineers and lab rats minds together and came up with what we all know today as synthetic oil. Knowing we were going to need as much resources as we could get our hands on they decided to come up with an oil that prevents us from depleting our own resources while creating an oil that would handle air cooled engines while operating at high heat without breaking down so easily.

Red line today is still a turbine or designed for air cooled engines. 

So many people change or drop their Harley’s oil at 2000, 3000 and 5000 miles depending on conventional, synthetic, air cooled, liquid cooled etc. At the end of each oil change the oil was dirty but it was still oil so we change it out etc. etc. etc. and its always 50 to 100 bucks by the time you buy your filter and 4 quarts of oil.

Now your engine has new oil but your engine still has no protection from something being put into your softails oil tank or the flh bagger transfer case and ruining your whole motor.

We are amazed at how many people around the world call us, email us and walk in or are having their bike at a local shop being worked on because someone dropped drywall screws or what ever in their oil tanks.



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