Motorcycle Accessories & Parts by SecureCaps

Motorcycle Accessories & Parts by SecureCaps

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Where do you begin looking for your Harley Parts & Accessories since there are so many web sites to choose from?  Here at SecureCaps we like to give our customers and friends the quality they deserve.  If your not putting Harley OEM parts on then make sure you really look around so your not caught returning or just being unhappy with your purchase.  S&S has some really nice parts on their webpage along with good information to builds or just gear head material . Lifestyle cycles in Anaheim, Calif has just about anything and everything you can imagine literally at your finger tips.

Whether it’s Harley-Davidson or Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories or Used Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts,  here at SecureCaps we still like the good old USA parts made right here. There’s just something about supporting our neighbors and country and being proud the right way as we take our prized possession on a ride.

Yes they may only be 30 or 40 bucks but they just don’t look good when they have been on your bike for a while. Our take here at the shop is pay now or pay later and we would rather pay now. From the plastics that get vacuum chromed to the chrome jobs with out the copper or an extra dip of nickel, from type 1 chrome to type 2 what ever it takes to cut cost and sell,  it seems that’s where many of  the motorcycle accessories are today.  This is one of the biggest complaints we hear in the industry today. So do your looking around and you will find what your looking for with the quality you need, now we know that so often money is an issue and we understand that cheap so often wins over the higher price tag but you get what you pay for in our opinion.

Parts or Accessories with quality and functionality is what really counts when it comes down to spending our hard earned money. Harley motorcycle accessories are one of the things we love to engage in as we personalize or further along our hobby & interests but sometimes we come across those accessories that look good and kind of think we need it but in reality we just want it. Often times some of these accessories we have to purchase again and again, an example of this would be like the temp engine gauges that we get tons of complaints over that after you buy one after a month or two the discoloration appears or you can see the condensation build up and it becomes harder to see as the weeks go by. There’s another couple bucks thrown out again or we get caught up into buying them it seems. So look around as there are tons of accessories out there to check out and have fun with.

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