Millennials, Millennials, Millennials ?

Millennials, Millennials, Millennials ?

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Is the motorcycle industry being fazed out?  Can Harley and Metrics survive?  Smart cars, self driving cars, self navigation, proximity devices are all problematic for the motorcycle industry and its already showing strong signs that the Millennials aren’t into what the older generation was into as the gap and mind set of living are and were miles apart.

Everybody wants the retro or vintage because lets face it it’s cool and its high end quality made parts but when it comes to mobility, well that’s a whole different animal all together. The Millennials want GQ, they want Sleek, Quality, Like SecureCaps Parts, they want modern stuff literally that has all the comforts that come with technology. Take the motorcycle industry of today, you have streets that are literally shot out and dangerous, unevenness everywhere from freeways to streets, pot holes, cracks etc. 

Tons of cars on the road today, traffic every morning and evening with having to be time management between these times if you go anywhere etc.  Its literally a calculated risk every time a motorcyclist gets on their bike because the odds aren’t good if you ride. The attitude of drivers today is they don’t care if they hit a motorcyclist either because they feel your not to smart for riding under the current conditions anyway and it’s not their problem.  People in the middle of all this still driving intoxicated from either prescription drugs to marijuana to meth to alcohol etc.  So as we look at the technology that is really coming in the near future what is the motorcycle industry going to do?  Go to the Air for real air ride?  It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in our opinion as we are watching people around the world buying up our American made retro, vintage parts, cars, motorcycles while America settles for walmart and costco with most products from a country who hates us,  like china. 


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