HD Motorcycle Anti-Theft Security Tips

HD Motorcycle Anti-Theft Security Tips

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Has your Motorcycle been stolen? Vandalized?

Won’t happen to me you say or think huh!

Think Again

Motorcycle Vandalism is on the rise big time, anything for a buck or a thrill as you should know by now that many people don’t like bikes and those that ride them. Motorcycle theft is on the rise, while growing it is becoming a sure way for thieves to make a 1000 bucks on your Harley or sport bike.  Remember to a thief its a job so make sure you make them earn it as much as possible if they are going to vandalize or steal your bike.  Motorcycle theft causes millions of dollars of loss revenue each year to consumers and to the insurance companies.

Now granted most of us probably won’t have our ride stolen or vandalized but with the type of society we are now living in it’s just smart to be prepared.

Hopefully this article can help you to be as safe as you can be.

Most thieves that steal Harley’s are going to do it in usually two ways,

1st they pick the bike up and throw it in a vehicle which is about 20 seconds.
2nd they will choose to wire it and ride it away.

So now that we know a little about how Harley’s are stolen then lets look at how you can prepare against it. Since you know they are going to lift it off the ground then lets get a system that makes it real hard or time consuming for them like purchasing

1st. An extremely high treated chain and lock that can’t be cut.
2nd. Look for a chain and lock that can’t be frozen with Freon and then be heated or pounded by a sledge hammer.
The Abloy Protec2 PL 362 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock is strong and pricey but worth it in our opinion.
If your not parking in a garage then park it where its well lighted with a camera on it.
Motion sensors, disc alarms, alarms alarms and more alarms etc. Bolt it to the ground.
Remember the idea is to make it as hard as you can for a thief, any deterrent or anti-theft device is better than nothing but when selecting just make sure its quality.

3rd. No body talks about vandalism when it happens because you either claimed it on your insurance or you take the personal loss and people don’t like talking about being violated so they get online or go to the motorcycle accessories and purchase what they can.
Amazing that Harley’s engines only have a rev limiter on them to keep the engine from blowing up but they literally have no engine protection at all. So often your Harley will come with a locking gas cap or a locking front end but the engine is where all your money is at.
For example on the Softail Models the Oil Tanks are right next to your seat with the cap or dipstick right where anybody can see and easily put something into your oil tank and destroy your motor its unbelievable.
For the baggers or Flh models, Dyna’s the cap or dipstick is farther down on the engine but its right there in broad view with easy access for anyone to ruin your engine literally in less than 20 seconds.
So we looked into this as well and we found the SecureCap to be a good fit while being cost effective. As we were looking we ordered a couple and gave them to some riders that we know, long story short the feed back was they really like the idea and that its a quality part.

Harley-Davidson Engine Protection You Can Count On!


Hope this can help you to be safe and prepared.

written by- Cycle Ink Techs

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