Harley-Davidson Verses Millennials?

Harley-Davidson Verses Millennials?

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SecureCaps Engineering responds to the hard question of what do we

do with the Harley sales and Millennials?

First of all lets get something straight from the beginning, The Millennials aren’t so opposed to the motorcycle lifestyle that everyone seems to be adapting to with thought.  Most of the younger generation just wants their own image and idea’s like the older generations economy gave them. Yes Harley sales are down but not just because of the millennials, today you have many other motorcycle manufacturers competing as well as modern technology exploding on to the scene. As competitors are no doubt carving into the Harley market it really forces everyone to get busy in creating not just a new thing but in really bringing a quality motorcycle to the market that the millennials designed and not the older generation that fits the millennials budget. 

Harley has been riding the vacuum for years but now that the competition is in, Harley is struggling which in our opinion is going to force Harley to be the first to offer a electric motorcycle but will it attract the millennials? No one really knows. Instead of trying to corner the market so much how about get the millennials into the business? It’s not just the blue screens of cell phones, tablets and gaming says the new generation but allowing their idea’s and input to come to the market that really is theirs in the near future with their own designs of dangerous two wheel mobile travel. 

Today a new Toyota Camry is only 20 thousand dollars and you can probably get 250 thousand miles out of it with tires that last a minimum of 60 thousand miles while yet a descent Harley is 20 thousand with tires that only last a few miles and it cost a small fortune to maintain and ride it literally.  If you purchase a Metric Motorcycle for 20 thousand you literally ride forever without it costing you a small fortune. Don’t get me wrong they all have their issues but you can’t get past the data, everyone knows Harley’s are expensive for tires to oil changes while a little camry at the dealer waiting for your oil change eating their donut only cost 40 bucks.

It’s going to be interesting as we watch the industry fight it out to see who relates to the millennials the fastest. Oh and one more thing that we are hearing and seeing all the time now as we are at the trade shows the millennials are wanting quality made product from our Country and not the cheap stuff from over sea’s too.  Many of them believe it or not love this country and are wanting to support American made product and parts but most parts today are cheap with great marketing and packaging but are made oversee’s. 

Millennials are here and they are our future so why don’t we get them to bring them self to the industry with their own style or way of doing things rather than just wanting their money.


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