Harley-Davidson Softail Plunge

Harley-Davidson Softail Plunge

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As you know we like the softail models that harley rolls out every year as a matter of fact we love them. But we also know their not protected.
Harley Davidson motorcycles are among the most popular bikes on the road.
The Harley Davidson high vandal rate is well-established as would be vandals go thru the oil tanks of the engines.
Each year, tons of new Harleys hit the asphalt. Surprisingly, locking oil tank caps are not standard.
Due to their high value, most riders purchase collision and comprehensive insurance. While comprehensive coverage does protect against vandalism-related engine damage,
insurance premiums are expensive, and deductibles are high.

Here’s how it works: Each locking system includes a dipstick, swiveling cover and fluorocarbon O-rings.
fluorocarbons fight against oil additives and handle the heat, vandals won’t be able to introduce sand, sugars, syrups or gravels into the system.
The locking caps are finished with a quality chrome with a stealth like appearance.
By using SecureCaps.com’s locking system, riders may be able to avoid costly claims that run the risk of raising the already expensive premiums.
The system is designed for all Harley Davidson Softail bikes produced after 2000 — including the Heritage, Fat Boy and Deuce models —
SecureCaps are available in black and chrome with easy to read colors that are really cool.
We’re proud of our product, and we’re proud of what we have coming up for 2017,” the company spokesperson said.
We can’t wait to continue to help our current customers and hopefully meet a few new ones.”
As a person looks upon a softail and observing the oil tank with the cap just sitting there it no longer sits well with people in the Know. The more
you look at the harley cap the more you don’t like the idea of your whole engine being able to be put out of commission so easliy. The more we looked
at a Softail with a SecureCap on the oil tank the more we liked it. As you know harleys don’t have any engine protection from anyone just putting
something into your oil tank and just destroying your motor. So don’t take the risk, for under a 100 bucks its worth every penny to have your engine
locked down.

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