Harley-Davidson Locking Oil Cap – Dipsticks

Harley-Davidson Locking Oil Cap – Dipsticks

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You work hard for your money and you deserve to be able to fire up your bike with confidence knowing that no matter where you parked your beautiful ride is safe and secure from vandalism or malicious attitudes.

As a Harley owner you put thousands of dollars as well as blood sweat and love into maintaining and outfitting your bike. The Harley owner is often targeted out of jealousy, envy or pure malice. Let’s face it Harley’s are just cool looking expensive bikes and not everyone loves them as much as the owner.
By it’s very design the Harley is vulnerable to vandalism. The oil cap is just a push in and  is easily accessible and it only takes a malicious person a few moments to discreetly introduce a foreign substance or object into your precious engine and render your investment useless. 
As much as you love your Harley’s it has some room for improvement. The oil cap for the softail can vibrate loose during long rides on bumpy surfaces etc. This can result in low oil pressure thus damaging your engine as the worst case scenario and the best would be spilling hot oil on your bike your clothes and leaving a greasy dirty mess that spoils your bikes appearance and takes precious time to clean up. 
A second design flaw is that the factory dipstick is metallic gray in color so in low light conditions it’s nearly impossible to check your fluid levels.

Now imagine this, SecureCaps locking oil cap puts an end to these worries, the dipstick is securely attached to the cap and is day glow green, yellow, or red making it easy to read your fluid levels in any light and saving you hundreds of dollars in possible engine repair bills from riding with improper oil levels. In addition the SecureCap creates a double o-ring seal created  to not wobble, leak and  withstand the heat. When installed the double twist locking mechanism prevents accidental loss of engine pressure and lubrication due to a loose oil cap. They handle big torque motors too.

As much as one would like to always be able to keep an eye on your precious investment it is just not possible every moment. The SecureCap buys you peace of mind because it seals the oil tank against any attempts to vandalize by putting foreign objects or substances into your tank. The lock is high end quality with a sleek looking rotating lid to conceal the lock while blending with your bike whether that be in chrome or black. 

Best of all the SecureCap is easy to install and just like your Harley is made in the USA.

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