Chain Tensioner Facts

Chain Tensioner Facts

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There is a possible major issue in the Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam engines that should not be over looked. This is a statement of fact, not a bunch of talking. We all love our Harley’s but lets take a educated look into the causes and a real SecureCaps solution.

What are the issues? A very serious one that needs to be explained and action taken to protect your bike. SecureCaps is here to help and educate our friends and fellow riders as we bring some awareness to the table. Whether it be an older Harley or even the CVO bikes that cost more they still have issues.

The cam chain system design is flawed while it uses a shoe made out of plastic that wear down or simply put just fail and without notice so often. As the tensioner has approx. 7 actual parts to it the chain is what rubs up and against the plastic shoe which is why it’s called a chain tensioner. If or when the shoe wears out then you have the chain rubbing on to metal and no longer the plastic shoe. Shavings of plastic or metals is what you end up with and an expensive bill. Pistons, crankshaft, cams etc are potentially destroyed. Many people have had them go at 12000 miles and some have never had a problem but it is a very weak link in the system that can be fixed.

If your bike has cam chains then your bike is at risk but can be addressed with out breaking the bank and giving you more horsepower and torque too.

While addressing this issue another thought to think about is by using a real quality oil and filter with an oil cooler.

Now to address the issue in our opinion at SecureCaps is with a gear drive replacement and the only true bulletproof solution. Gear driven and no more stretching of the chains or noise etc. etc. Andrews Cams, Fueling Oil Pump, Fueling Cam Plate for better lubrication etc. S&S gear drives and or kits are awesome.

If you can’t or don’t do the change out then the only solution is to inspect it when ever you can but remember when it goes bad or is showing signs of real wear you will be buying the same part to wear out again or down right fail on you so why not just change it out.
We have purchased S&S kits and Andrews, Fueling parts and we can tell you your going in the right direction when you buy their parts. They work, designed to handle what we throw at it etc.
The idea of our message here is to bring awareness to the rider so their not blind sided on the road somewhere unnecessarily. We all love our Harley but we also don’t need to spend our monies when we don’t have to.
Hope this can help some of you while learning and having fun with your harley.

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