Cast is in the Past.  Cheap Cheap

Cast is in the Past.  Cheap Cheap

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What do we do best here at Tech Express?

We specialize in under the radar product shopping on company’s that people are talking about or are interested in and we actually in person shop, purchase the product then grade it. Then we give the consumer the in put through a write up or a text review or the actual company’s blog post. Our under the radar snoop on is to only grade the products with hands on experience.  Many times depending on how we are hired we get to be involved silently without the company’s awareness but relationship based  while we engage in conversation with employees or owners etc. So we thought we were going to have to go to work like usual with these guys at SecureCaps because as before we had to really get involved to try and find a glimpse of accurate information.

But low and behold if SecureCaps didn’t show up to the Angel Stadium for the Coppers and Choppers show displaying their New Hot Rod and Motorcycle Parts. How awesome is that? So we just approached their booth without them knowing who we are of course and we actually spoke with the owner himself who was working in the booth with the Sales Rep.

What we saw weren’t cast parts or inferior market parts but serious hard billet parts that were chromed or polished for Custom Hot Rods and  Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Accessories like Custom one off Gas Caps that can be used for just about any application. Custom high end billet racks for the Flh, custom billet Suicide Door Latches that we have never seen etc.  Harley- Davidson Floor Board Extensions out of Steel with Powder Coat.

The List goes on, we knew they were making their own parts from previously purchased parts but we really didn’t know the Engineering side of the owner. SecureCaps does it all, Retail Part Consultation Management, 3d Composite Printing, 3d Dimensional Drawings, Soft and Hard Tooling, Packaging, Marketing, Website Management the list goes on.

These guys can be a jewel in the rough for anyone looking to develop or bring their idea to the market and retail it as they obviously have the right engineers and staff to put out the quality that we have seen and are seeing now. The owner said that people are wanting quality parts now as they don’t want to keep buying the same failed part or they are just wanting the best possible part for their hard earned money while individualizing their personal Hot Rod or Motorcycle.

People today are telling us they don’t want to spend a lot of money for their accessories but they also don’t want to keep fueling for cheap cast or cheaper parts that are on the market. People are becoming it seems patriotic more and more and are wanting the good stuff. SecureCaps makes their own parts, All American baby.

Cast is in the Past. is high end quality Dimensional Engineered Strong Composites or just straight up Chunk Steel or Chunked Hard Billet Parts.


written by: Tech Express

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