How You Can Prevent A Potential Problem 

How You Can Prevent A Potential Problem 

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In the case of either knowing whats out there with all the Motorcycle Vandalism,  Insurance claims, oil weeping,  pop-offs there is one solution, and the good news is that it is not expensive. You can use an oil tank cap that comes with a locking mechanism by SecureCaps that protects your engine literally from keeping anyone from putting something into your oil tank and ruining your motor. This particular product is one of those things that make you say to yourself, “Why did I not think about it?”

A Harley-Davidson engine protecting locking oil cap is a stylish accessory that can do a lot for your well-loved motorcycle, including:

Removing oil runs

Stopping possible pop-offs 

Prevents weeping

Deter’s Unwanted’s 

Lock’s your oil tank down

Blocking road grime

Come’s with easy to read dipstick

From the oil runs, pop offs to road dirt, all these things can damage your engine but only one thing Protects your Engine and that’s a SecureCap. It is hard to find a product that does not only help prevent oil impurities that work but also provides engine protection for your most expensive item on your whole bike.

Did you know that a thief only needs a minute to take your Harley from you? But did you know it only takes 20 seconds for anyone to ruin your engine thru your current un-locking dipstick? Additionally, As you can see, all your hard work when it comes to your motorcycle can go to waste in a wink of an eye.

Know you can start your bike without the engine blowing up with SecureCap when your in having a burger etc.

SecureCaps is where it’s at!

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