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Securecap in Orange Calif rolls out its sleek locking dipstick for engine protection.

SecureCaps keep Harley oil tanks and engines safe from costly damage due to people who just do stupid stuff to other peoples bikes like sugar and sand in the oil tanks. Securecaps explains that The average individual isn’t thinking about their harley engine being so open to vadalism or haters. The Engine of a harley is “the life blood” of the motorcycle, and the tank is a prime target for malicious mischief.

SecureCap products are precision engineered to fit just like the manufacturer’s original oil tank cap. Each assembly includes an easy to read dipstick, multi combination of locks, and fluorocarbon O-rings for heat, with a cool rotating cover with stealth like attitude. The difference lies in the smart locking mechanism hidden beneath a rotating cover to protect your harleys engine. Unlike the factory oil cap, SecureCap effectively locks out haters or disgruntlers etc.

Online forums are filled with motorcyclists’ complaints about damages due to vandalism, with popular Harley Davidsons among the most frequently affected. Parking curbside while shopping or eating out leaves an expensive vehicle vulnerable to such senseless acts. SecureCaps are designed specifically to fit O.E.M. Harley Davidson oil tanks, providing a really cool widget or motorcycle accessory that compliments your bike while giving the owner a peace of mind. Triple plated chrome security with the snug fit that prevents infiltration, and they are available on

Motorcycle engines are precision instruments that require care and maintenance. When damage occurs, the fix is not often simple. The cost of replacement parts and labor alone can easily mount into the thousands of dollars. A proactive investment in engine security is well worth the price.

According to people interviewed that have told us about their knowledge of this happening they would rather be prepared than not, that being said bikers may even realize a savings on their comprehensive insurance policies by using SecureCaps. Underwriters may offer a premium credit for security devices that prevent potential vandalism.

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