96 to 117 Street Shredding Reliable Raw Power

96 to 117 Street Shredding Reliable Raw Power

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Everyone ask us this question probably 5 out of 10 phone calls every week, How can i get more power without it costing me a lot of money and yet without break downs? 

As you know we have always had to pony up for the extra ponies we want and usually it has ran about a dollar for every horsepower and lb. of torque you gain but we will bring you what we just saw being done and its literally awesome.  Going from your stock 96 to a 117 is adding a whole bunch of space for you to make all the torque and horsepower you really need to be on the street and hang with just about anybody that comes up on you. 

Fuel Moto, Harley-DavidsonS&S Cycle, SecureCaps Engineering, are putting out what you need but we will just talk about the job and performance while you choose what brand your going to use etc.  First of all the customer upgraded the throttle body with ceramics and a polish,  upgraded the air intake filtration with ceramics, they upgraded to ported and polished heads with some real detail, they opted for the  117 cylinder head kit that when we put our mics on them we were blown away at how much more material was on them uniformly compared to the stock 96 cylinders. After putting our mics on we got 0.125 thou on every fin from top to bottom.  This customer opted for a different cam that is the Woods TW8G gear drive cams,  with 4.125 pistons, that was still going to be doable for the starting etc.  Compression came in at 11 to 1, They upgraded their ignition etc. The customer already had a real nice 2 into 1 pipe that was ceramic coated by Embee in Costa Mesa, Calif and they already purchased a race tuner etc.  Now fyi all this only cost them a total of 2000 dollars in parts but the numbers were astonishing and we couldn’t believe it. One thing we want to draw attention to here is that when the build was done and off the dyno the engine just didn’t seem to get hot anymore at all and we shot the side casings before and after and the difference was 45 degree’s. 

The numbers came in at just over 142 lbs of Torque with 144 horsepower. So going from their stock 96 motor that was getting around 70 horse’s and about 80 lbs of torque well they got almost half of what their bike was originally getting from the factory and with total reliability too. Their torque and horsepower price came down to under 50 cents per lb. and per horsepower which is really nice. 

So can it be done? Absolutely but not with out some serious thought and labor. This build took 4 days to complete including the down time for ceramic and proper gaskets etc. 

Anyway hope this helps you out there to get in to your own stuff having fun and learning along the way. 

Rick From SecureCaps Engineering             

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