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From Harley-Davidson Engine Protection, Cruise Control, Speed Boats, Custom Auto Parts to Window Coverings.

What is SecureCaps Engineering bringing to the table now? 

SecureCaps Harley-Davidson Softail Engine Protection has traveled from Orange, Calif around the world. While behind closed doors developing a new technology for window coverings. SecureCaps Engineering says their type of window covering will be multi functional that anyone will want. 

Keith is still doing real estate and ministry while liquidating SecureCaps Engineering current inventory while developing their Blind. Keith’s 30 year Property Management background with large commercial properties will be bringing some new ideas were sure. 

Keith’s design of the Harley-Davidson SecureCap Engine Protection and Fred’s Cruise Control design has been a successful run. Keith said Fred has been working for him now for approx. 5 years and they are ready for retirement soon.

So what do you think about Artificial Intelligence Keith?

I believe whoever harnesses Artificial Intelligence will have the capacity to be ruling the world in many different ways. If they ever get to a point where they are going to reset the worlds currency for every country with a proper evaluation this will bring in control. Putting a common currency for the world to be under is in my opinion going to happen and soon.  

A.I. can manage the currency that will allow for managing economics along with controlling world powers and their weaponry. Once you bring in a one world currency then the fraud is basically removed and then their is no other place to go than to chip every human being for total control.

The rich man is now already vulnerable while watching technology changing every day literally in these areas. Its a race to who can rule the world basically while bringing every human being on earth under its power. Lets face it in 1993 when they voted on the North American free Trade Act this brought Mexico, USA and Canada to become one region of the world to be ruled.

We are told you really believe in Time Travel is that correct?

From invisibility cloaks to particle acceleration to subatomic everything so yes i believe forward Time Travel is capable. Which allows for someone or something to be ultimately in control who designed the tolerances for the environment that we obviously are bound in. The race is on for wealth but we are still dying everyday. The race is on for the fountain of youth but we are still dying everyday.

Einsteins theory makes logical sense that if something is going so fast it actually slows down enough for the designer to control the future. That is they would have the capacity to change ones current position.

We are bound by an engineer or designer controlling our current atmosphere with built in pressures and tolerances for reasons. Since you guys are asking, the reasoning is what we should be looking into not into controlling human beings. 

Wow Keith, that’s a big statement. 

Snoop Express snoops on SecureCaps Engineering out of Orange, Calif to get the latest news.

written by: Snoop Express




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