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SecureCaps Engineering out of Orange, Calif speaks out and up finally on what and why their doing what their doing? Huh?

The owner has been very silenced over the years from getting into the game with Motorcycle and Auto Parts Accessories and he is finally going to speak out. 

The industry’s people are awesome first of all but very demanding challenges due to quick changing Technologies that are now in the game for making parts.  Like the 3D Metal X machine that now prints a powder metal, gets fired up and then can be tested like any other part and brought into the industry.

Not having to spend time on making hard or soft tooling like molds or mold mod changes but rather just draw it and print it.  We can now go from a thought to a product in hands in just a couple of days if you get busy unlike two or four months. Don’t forget the need for new product or ideas with creativity for staying ahead of your competition or at least staying up with them.

Remember us here at SecureCaps Engineering has created all our own parts from Keith’s SecureCaps to Fred’s Cruise Control.  It’s one thing to copy what a good idea is and yet it’s another thing to create a new thing. That’s a whole set of different skills.  At SecureCaps Engineering we sold what we made with our blood sweat and tears and it’s been a battle as well as a blessing believe me.  

As you know Keith has been involved with 3D printing for years now. Are you bringing a new product to the market that you eluded too a while back?  Yes that’s correct. As you know i was in property management for many years and one of the biggest problems was every properties vertical blinds were just an expense. 

Me and my wife were talking to our boss at a next door property about the problems with all the window expenses etc. The lord gave me the idea for the solution to a problem. We are bringing to the market a new idea and lots of creativity. 

After research our new idea can and will come into the market for just about every application in every environment.  It will no doubt change the way we think, while helping people and the environment believe it or not.

Were almost there and exciting to look forward as we are selling off our current product lines or just a buy out. The plan will be to retire since were now getting up there in age lol. Its been fun and will always have a project going but now in my garage and with grand kids.  

So is your part going to come from a 3d Printing Machine?  Well it can but right now we are thinking of licensing out the intellectual property and stepping back from what we have been into for all these years now.  And no I’m not letting anyone know what it is yet but we are going to try and be at the next Orange County Apartment Assoc. Home and Garden Show at the Anaheim Convention Center to display our new window concept. 

written by: Tech Express

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SecureCaps Engineering

3D Printing Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Composites


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