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Despite what you may hear or so often read regarding the Motorcycle Industry dying off SecureCaps Engineering out of Orange, Calif says its just starting!

First of all keeping with the facts only, Women are riding more than ever today and are coming in to the industry in the prime of their lives. Lets face it female riders play a large role in molding and shaping cultures and they are helping transform the motorcycle industry.

With the stress of everyday life and the demands of Corporate today one of the biggest outlets for a woman today is now like it was and is for a man and that’s get on your bike and ride.  Now that doesn’t mean their all purchasing a Harley-Davidson but we are seeing a movement of women that are looking for that sisterhood like feeling  while they go out riding. 

Harley is struggling only because they had the market for so long and became comfortable until the metrics came in at half the price and would out perform them in just about everything for the everyday rider. We all know that the Metrics are like Toyota’s as long as you do simple maintenance they will run and run unlike the Harley that demands so much attention let alone the price tag that comes with it. 

So is Harley out of the game? Are they getting Pressed out? What is going to happen to Harley as they use America Culture with out being American in the industry today? Restructure, downsize, relate to the generation, etc. etc. etc. while still putting a bike out for $25,000  when most people aren’t making 30 bucks an hour. 

The bad boy syndrome is still here and may come back but as long as Harley can’t relate to the Hipsters or the next generation there are going to be big challenges for them especially since they don’t care about using America to get where they have to go. The coffins lid is on but are Americans going to drive the nails in to say Harley go away or will the Americans not care about the jobs going to a foreign land and then market to Americans for their wealth?  

Keep in mind too, that it won’t be Americans driving the nails if Harley goes down or sells to India but rather it will be Harley-Davidson that did it to themselves for taking advantage of Americans to get where they have to go without the love for their own people.

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