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Now that Victory is gone except for service and parts is there a Motorcycle made in America anymore?  

It seems like everyone is suppose to just stay silent but so many people are asking why are we having to buy from foreigners and have our customer service in a foreign land with all of our personal information. 

Now that Harley is turned out and with an attitude even there bikes are way over priced as they go outside the U.S. obviously to survive for their bike sells while they try holding on to their american image.

People are talking about this topic everywhere i go and it seems there is a tug of war with so many of them on what to buy and where to go. The Harley has the bad boy image and the sound but inferior parts while Indian has a large price tag as well and isn’t so much a bad boy image so people are torn and we see many people that we know are just getting off their bikes now and saying 35000 for a bike that doesn’t have your identity on it forget it. So the only way to survive is another country at the american expense again as the millennials are looking but can’t afford to buy with all the angles that come with riding.  

It appears that even with Harley desperately trying to bridge the gap with the younger generation it may be too late here and thats why Harley is giving jobs away and not keeping them in our Country. 

The market is a fading market as you go to the bike events now its bikes but very few carrying bags from the vendors.  Its the typical jack daniel trailor and food but for the vendors we are hearing their not into the shows anymore as it requires so much money for such a small booth and all that there talking its a dying event. The average income is around 25 bucks an hour in orange county and rents are 1700 for a one bedroom and so the average guy can only really afford to just keep their bikes clean. Buying those PM Rims and S&S Parts are slimmer and slimmer as you watch the bike shows most of the name brands now are running skeleton crews big time because the people don’t have the money. 

So as we watch these company’s no doubt having to be creative lets see where they end up as it wont’ take much to have 100% of Harley in a foreign land pitching it completely to the americans unless they make enough ground in other countries and then throw the towel in on the american market completely as they are desperately pushing their image outside the U.S. now. We are seeing more people looking into Indian than ever before but once again price is a problem for the kind of bike they want so the Seadoo’s  and the Pontoons and the off road cheap vehicles are actually taking some ground. 

For us that are harley riders lets face it they are a manly feel like no other but when you get on another bike its so smooth it feels good in another way.  So Harley or Indian you decide

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