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Robotics and 3d Printing 

Imagine leaving your office at night and you come back in the morning and your Robot has printed up not only your necessary parts but has brought its own ideas with a build plate of redesigned new parts. 

Is this really possible? Its looking that way literally as they have the capacity with the tools in its hands to actually do what it wants, after all we program it to learn on its own, we set the parameters kind a sorta, we give it precise 3 & 4d Photo capacities with 360 extrusion. Robotics are going to no doubt challenge many industries soon like lets take just the American Mold Association. Why do you need someone to make a soft or hard tool or mold when your robot can make it literally 30 times faster and with exact precision tolerances literally. No more down time just load up the file and your hard or soft mold is being printed up in just a few days and with a fraction of the cost, no more 50 thousand dollar family or  single molds, just a quick file up load and its printing you a mold for just what the steel or aluminum cost. Technology is moving so fast now its going beyond us and possibly may dominate many areas where we are currently making our livings. 

3D Hounds

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