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Is is possible to 3d print stealth invisibility cloak like materials?

Many of you already know Quantum Stealth is a material. 

Its a material or substance that provides a controlled destination completely invisible to the naked eye by using, harnessing or bending light waves for a controlled or desired direction.  This is old news actually in our world today fyi.

What this possibly means that if its a material then once the structure or the base, that is the moleculor substance is controlled then it can be steered into the application of the design. Many ways to harness and use the sun or light as we know it for other purposes like bending or stealth, energy, offense, defense etc.   

For example: take Einsteins theory of Relativity, basically something goes so fast that other things slow down. Well take a very fast 3d printing extruder that prints so fast that you can see the object coming alive right before your eyes with literally very little build time at all. The materials base structure is what allows for such a fast free flowing print that it can actually become invisible to the naked eye. 

As Artificial Intelligence grows we at SecureCaps Engineering believe much growth is just around the corner. 

written by: Andrews

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