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Snoop Express drops in on SecureCaps Engineering out of Orange, Calif to get the goods on questions and answers to Oil Caps or Dipsticks for the Harley Softails.

Many know by now our team here at Snoop Express try to follow the trends or excitement of conversations with in our communities or businesses by actually going to their place of business or trade shows etc.

One of the questions we hear mostly is why do we need a locking oil tank cap or dipstick for our softails?

But that is becoming the past as we are now seeing and hearing the industry saying we get it, people now are realizing their oil tanks lead directly into the engine’s oil pump and their vulnerable as they leave their bikes while eating or riding across country etc. Your Softail O.E.M. cap or dipstick can be pulled off by anyone in just a few seconds that allows someone to drop something into your tank and thus destroying your engine or costing you a lot of monies and time. The SecureCap Cap or Dipstick Locks your Oil Tank down so no one can mess with your bike literally. The SecureCap is designed to conceal the lock to prevent water getting into your lock and rust showing on your Harley and it comes with a rotating lid so there isn’t a bulky lock on your oil tank that doesn’t look clean in our opinion.  One SecureCap isn’t just a triple plated chrome quality piece made in America but it’s a high end security part for your bike that’s affordable.

#2  How much oil is enough or do we follow the book for oil capacity when we have external oil coolers with lines etc etc.?

Good question here, always follow the dealers manual in our opinion but their are variances that we feel should be looked into as oil coolers hold more oil, the 3/8 lines hold more oil etc.  Some people do directly by the book on 3.3 or 3 quarts of oil no matter what while checking oil in the different ways whether on a stand or run first then check straight up and down etc. We feel for us the that a couple of ounces of more oil isn’t going to be a deal breaker as the softail is a air cooled motor to begin with.  For us we like to see the oil at the bottom of the filler neck for us but if its a 3 quart system with micron filter etc then do that but we like more oil regardless for us.

We here at SecureCaps Engineering are around many applications whether it be stock, new bikes, older bikes, rebuilds etc. with different dipsticks, lengths, markings etc.  What we like about our Softail SecureCap Oil Cap is that our dipstick blade grabs the bottom of the filler neck so for us its a good starting point when you look into the tank when you take off the dipstick. Even tho many oil tanks vary or styles of softails with how to check the oil or the capacity of oil we like as much oil as we can put into it within reason. Like we already said a couple of ounces of oil either way isn’t a deal breaker for us.

       #3 Does oil brands matter to help keep your Harley’s engine running cool?

For us it does. It depends on the application as example on how the engines tolerances are set up, are they super tight or is there a couple of thousandths for expansion etc. Red Line oil was designed for a turbine motor which is a air cooled motor. We run amsoil, red line for us but the synthetic oils on the market usually have really good properties in them to be able to run for longer periods of time before breaking down. For us we don’t like dirty engines so once you have figured out how to change your oil without it coming out dirty then your engines life span becomes tremendous in our opinion.

We look for an oil that foams less and handles the heat for longer period of times to help temperature’s from getting to high or from oil getting dirtier. Also remember many people forget that some engines require a different oil filter too. Some require a micron filter etc. so its important to know your engine. We have used ceramics in many applications from throttle bodies to gaskets to coatings to ceramic lines to ceramic tanks to really bring the heat temp down especially in summer so we can blow out the 110 degree weather and have a piece of mind while watching our gauge not move off of 225. That being said in winter you need to warm up your bike for another couple of minutes too but for us we think this is a really tasty recipe.

So there you have it from Snoop Express to you and you are important to us and you are what really matters because you are the consumer. Stay safe, ride safe and lock your engines down!

written by: Snoop Express






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