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Years ago, bikes with cheaper plastic accessories were a thing because it allowed the Harley owner to get what they wanted or needed with an affordable price. Kind of like harbor freight with tools they are affordable but don’t last.  As the years have gone by the plastic isn’t whats in anymore, its about the quality again.  Now it’s bikes that look more naked, blacked out and are just quality period. The millennial’s want simple, affordability combined with quality smaller  bikes that still produce longevity for their money.  Now we see the hot rod or hobby mind set coming back in as the millennial’s are engaging in the lifestyle of being able to still be cool while owning a Harley Motorcycle or Hot Rod.

As SecureCaps  Engineering in Orange, Calif are turning out hot rod parts and motorcycle parts and accessories as we saw them at a trade show recently and we couldn’t believe the connection they had with the younger generation with the quality of their parts. They are making specific parts now from billet aluminum to hardened steel to types of composites that are just fantastic as we were observing their parts in the booth. These guys are a wealth of information and have just been a hidden gem in this business as they are under the radar so often from what we are seeing and hearing.  We know they are doing a very large show in Sept for the Cruising for a Cure that is suppose to be a very large show. We are looking forward to see what they are working on as we know they are a wealth of information and are starting to get ready possibly for 3d printing now. These guys are very creative and think differently while having the attitude of doing everything yourself whether your in a business or building a new toy.

When you think about the plastics capacities that can be metalized thru quality materials that get copper, two coats of nickel and a chrome while being as strong if not stronger than some of the aluminum’s that are so often being marketed today we just are amazed at their parts their bringing to the market.  From layered composites to just plain old billet parts SecureCaps Engineering are making American Made clean out of the box unique one off parts with idea’s that in our opinion are connecting with their generation and Millennial’s while staying within the budget of low paying jobs. From their Throttler Cruise Controller that comes in black or chrome is a very have to have part for any Harley rider that is off the hook along with their Foot Pegs to Flh Billet Racks to their high end Adjustable Chrome or Black Handlebars to their Hot Rod Universal Gas Caps that can fit any application for Harley or Hot Rods. A/c Compressors to Adapter Rings to Suicide Door Latches. The list is going on as we are watching and talking to the crowd and watching them at the Trade Shows and now our own friends and customers are purchasing their parts etc.


written by: Dark Cycles




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