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 SecureCaps Engineering out of Orange, Calif responds with are the times of the future upon us? 


Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Futuristic 3d Printing, are we advancing  towards the Jet son’s while world turbulence is in the air?

Drones for travel, business, luxury, 3d printing with multi materials that can be punched out to handle more thermal or tensile strengths than single alloys are gaining recognition whether we like it or not says the owner of SecureCaps Engineering.  In our opinion multi material printing can produce mechanical parts with the level of properties needed as we are engaging and entertaining futuristic idea’s for our everyday reality whether it be for military support to the clothes we wear.

Here at SecureCaps Engineering we are bringing awareness for clients or business associates that allows the end user to bring their idea’s to us while we show them or walk them through the process to alleviate  the unnecessary time or monies spent for making parts whether it be for hard tooling or soft tooling to 3d printing molds. It use to be that you had to go through a process of 3d Cad to the actual molds to prototyping to mold modifications which equates to time, money and much down time which could actually take many people months or even a year to actually produce their idea to a reality. 

The parts we make here like our Hot Rod Parts or Motorcycle Parts in the past have come with much engineering along with much down time while trying to dial in a perfect part, contrast that with our technology of today that carves out 80 percent of unnecessary time and monies spent to produce possibly even a stronger or more accurate dimensional part. With all of this being said we are seeing a strong movement within the robotic atmosphere along with multi material 3d printing  as Artificial Intelligence  continues to gain ground as technology is moving so fast.

Are we at the time of the future while bringing the world up to technologies of today?  We are watching and waiting to see who or how or what harnesses this power to develop our world into a future that possibly we may really not want once we taste their of says SecureCaps Engineering.


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