Harley Davidson Softail | Locking Oil Cap | Secure Cap

Chrome Locking Oil Cap Softail
Chrome Locking Oil Cap SoftailBlack Locking Oil Cap SoftailPink Locking Oil Cap Softail
$74.99 each

  • Simply remove your existing dipstick from your oil tank
  • Remove keys from the “locking post”
  • Apply a small amount of oil from your dipstick to the o-rings on the “Secure Cap” body
  • Install your new “Secure Cap” by placing locking post and body into oil tank and push down until it stops
  • Rotate cover to the open position, insert key. Turn key 180 degrees. This will rotate the locking post to the “locked” position
  • Remove Key, rotate cover to the closed position
  • To check oil level, the top line is your Full level. The bottom line is your Low level
  • Installation complete!

Effective Vandalism Deterrent

When you visit an event or simply go to your favorite restaurant,don’t play “parking lot roulette” with your engine. Park your bike with confidence knowing that you have added protection from vandalism.

Professional Quality Components

Simply the best locking oil cap manufactured from best aerospace alloy and composite materials.

  • Stainless steel and high-tech composites are crafted in the United States to produce a superior oil cap lock that is both durable and stylish.
  • Aerospace seals are used to assure a durable and secure seal. We use composite materials with higher temperature and chemical resistance characteristics than silicone seals. Secure Oil Cap passes extreme temperature and hydrocarbon concentration tests that are well above typical motorcycle oil tank conditions.
  • Multiple lock combinations are used.




" Secure Cap : How Safe do you want to be ? "