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Securecaps Harley-Davidson Engine Protection

SecureCaps are Smart Locking Oil Tank Dipsticks designed to secure or protect your Harleys engine from being damaged.

SecureCaps prevents someone from easily ruining your engine. Securecaps are made for Softail Models, the FLH Model and the Dyna Model.

Built and Assembled in the USA, the “Secure Cap” Smart locking oil tank dipsticks was designed with easy to read dipsticks, security and peace of mind while protecting your Harley motor. Easy installation, no dis-assembly of or parts from your O.E.M. dipstick are required. Complete and Ready to Install right out of the box. The best Security Device you can put on your bike! Triple Plated Chromes

Owners Beware!

Thieves want your Harley Motorcycle or Parts

A Smart “Secure Cap” investment is a lot less than rebuilding or replacing your engine. American made, sleek, stealth rotating lid, triple plated chrome, handles torque & horsepower, no wobbles or leaks.

Being aware of your surroundings can literally be the difference in $3,000.00 to $99.00 today. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle engines have no protection - anyone can easily put something into your oil tank and ruin your engine when you start the bike up which is why SecureCaps designed a low cost, yet high impact part that now protects the Harley rider no matter where they go. SecureCaps will protect, secure and keep your Harley engine safe from disaster.