Staying cool when it’s hot out!


As you all know our Harleys being air cooled and all can get pretty hot in the summer months so this is what we do and are applying many other things here not mentioned for performance and cooling issues.
If you’re like us and or most people who like to throttle it on or have the horsepower at their fingertips whether freeway riding or street pumpin then read on.
When you take your stock motors that were designed for small horsepower and torque and turn them into a grenade motor then cooling and crankcase pressure needs to be looked into if your wanting to produce an everyday rider with the least amount of down time or learning curves as possible. Important to remember that heat is a problem so you guys know to put an oil cooler on helps but so often isn’t enough for the amount of pressure or horsepower you now have. We at Securecaps have seen when you relieve the crank case pressure it allows for proper cooling capacity since the system isn’t working harder.
As you know a steady speed produces more heat etc.
Ceramics we use to evacuate the system as fast as we can from heat build ups while also ceramic coating air fuel body’s, manifolds, complete exhaust, crankcase breather, same thickness on cooling fins while adding to the cooling system with oil coolers with fins or oil tanks that have surface cooling areas with ceramic cut thru or cut to look like your cylinders. Proper tuning or tuner, Ceramic tanks on the Softails inside and out are awesome as long as there is ventilation the heat will get out fast. This looks really cool by the way. Not to mention that so many people are still using rubber hoses for their oil lines or return lines while upgrading to ceramic lines is a great effect. Keep in mind when using the ceramics mentioned here you need to know where and what to use with it, very important. Kind of like a spacer on a truck manifold going to a carburetor, whether wood or plastic etc. The heat is harder to transfer etc.. The idea is using the heat correctly for power and that’s it. Now remember we are also machining many things not mentioned here to get quality results, As an example like putting a little bleeder hole in a thermostat for your car, you get the idea. So use the heat, control the heat, while producing massive amounts of power with it being an everyday rider in bumper to bumper traffic even on a hot summer day where you can’t cut lanes. So a lot of research development here, hope this gets you guys to think and challenge you to run cool which means more mileage and less break downs.
Lance signing off