SecureCaps Paradigm – December 14th, 2016

SecureCaps Owner from what we’re hearing is thinking out of the box once more as we look into what’s going on behind the scenes as we are receiving information that there way out front in their upcoming products to hit the Motorcycle market soon.

As we tried snooping around or fishing for info we didn’t even get to first base without Securecaps already knowing what we’re doing.  What’s coming from the grape vine is their working on a new system of security for motorcycles that will no longer need alarms or devices anymore to protect personal property.  We noticed as we did our last snoop job on them at their office there in Orange that their parts were extremely clean and well done so we don’t doubt what we’re hearing.  These guys aren’t just into bikes but all kinds of stuff for bikes and gadgets when you talk to them these aren’t your regular bike builders but really Motorcycle Parts Entrepreneur’s kind of sort of.  As we interviewed Lance this guy comes extremely degreed and very well rounded in the Operations of running business etc.  Upon interviewing the owner Keith, well a different kind of guy all the way around, coming from a back ground of Real Estate after 30 years with running multiple businesses along the way also pastors a church in Anaheim.  These guys have a wealth of experience with their other partner who has been making parts for the industry for over 20 years but yet are really just a couple of guys that are working their butt off doing what they like to do. Our hats are off to you guys as we have graded your Securecap locking dipstick part that we put on our bikes and tested them now for about 4 months we can say well done as we like the part on our bikes as it looks sleek as you say and that it functions nicely while protecting our bikes.  We were skeptical at first with the question on why do we need this on our bike but as time has gone on we are sold out on your part and the reason why it’s needed to be on our bikes.  If someone drops money in their bike this no doubt needs to be on it.   Good job