96 to 110 On Steroids

96 V-twin to a whopping 110 hybrid.

Here at Securecaps.com we have been experimenting with heat control and manipulation in the line of exhaust and intake etc before we build a top end for a 96. As you know when you remove the complete top end and replace with 110 cyclinders, pistons, cams, pushrods, 2 piece tensioner not 7, cam plate, oil pump, heads ported to your new throttle body, 2000 degree Ceramic coating for the exhaust, you have a serious upgrade guys with reliability too. Also to include crankcase filter, air cleaner, hard map to ecm. The numbers are off the chart with serious numbers. Not for the beginner here by no means. If your looking for a quality recipe with reliability and serious torque and horsepower Securecaps delivers. In our opinion here this is enough for the street. Oh and the dyno results were 126 and 132 serious numbers guys. Also we have noticed that when most people build they leave out a couple of really impressive components that are inexpensive but deliver a large quality result. Crankcase pressure is unnecessary heat as well so dump it. The ceramics on the pipes sucks out the heat fast as well. Also there are some neat things you can do with your throttle body to get more as well. The temp on our last build we did for a large client that we can’t mention was so impressive that we now feel we have lowered the temp of incoming fuel to the internal oil temp so well that Its really cool when you start including fuel management systems etc. This was a lot of fun to go thru being able to include many years of experience and hand made quality parts. As you all know that heat is a problem unless you are controlling it for your performance. just food for thought here.