Harley-Davidson Protection by Securecaps

American Made

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Engines having no protection - which is why SecureCaps designed a low cost, yet high impact part that now protects and secures the Harley rider no matter where they go.

The SecureCap locks the engines oil system, like a locking gas cap does for the gas tank on a vehicle or bike. Unlike the gas tank, the oil tanks are the life blood to an engine and are just sitting dogs for thugs or disgruntled people to destroy in seconds without anyone seeing. SecureCaps protects and secures your engine every time!

Being aware of your surroundings can literally be the difference in $3,000.00 to $99.00 today.

Lance's Corner!

Lance with Securecap here, we get a lot of people just asking for simple reliability or performance mods Questions for the V-Twin 96 motor that produce peace of mind or real horsepower and torque that can be noticeable. #1 Chain Tensioner upgrade #2 Crankcase Filter These two items alone are awesome for just under $300.00 bucks and are part of a quality build. We like keeping the stock crank for the 96 and upgrading the cylinders with cp pistons etc., heads, cams, cam plate, oil pump, throttle body, new breather, 2 into 1 with a quality dyno package.

If you’re a do it yourself kind of person you can save a lot of money. You will find the numbers will be impressive while obtaining reliability as you will respect your bike in a new way. There are other upgrades we recommend that will produce substantial performance that most people overlook with controlling heat, gases etc. at little cost but creates performance.

We have found that there are a lot of good recipes but we like to use the ones that last the longest for our hard earned money. We also use regular 20-50 oil for the first 2000 miles during break-in before switching over to synthetics if you do.

Many people have shops putting in 60 weight which we do not recommend at all. On a typical upgrade like this you can expect to spend $3000.00 if you do it yourself with numbers ranging in at 110 lbs. of torque to 130 lbs. of torque depending on the recipe. We just did a 96 build like this with a complete recipe with numbers around 112 torque and 117 horsepower which is awesome. Our total cost for everything was $3500.00 and the bike was dynode at only 60 %. Contrast that with a new motor and cost for everything etc. is half the price.

After the break-in we can see the numbers going up to around 121 maybe higher. This is awesome while having peace of mind with reliability and all the power you need in our opinion.

Just food for thought here remember, we are riding on the streets and freeway we are not at the winter nationals.

The idea is to be safe, have fun and get it on still with an everyday riding bike that can still shred. Have fun, Lance here from Securecaps.com

SecureCaps is proudly made in the USA. Before you set off for your ride, remember to secure your engine with SecureCaps.

SecureCaps keeps your engine safe and secure every time!

SecureCap protects, handles horsepower & torque with no wobbles or weeping. The caps are sleek, functional, triple plated chromes and American Made.